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In the Video section we offer to viewing the documentary film "the Last parade Selfless"

In 2017, the film was submitted to be shown at many film festivals documentary film and took 12 first places and Grand Prix in Russia.

The filmmakers appeal to virtually undiscovered page of our history - the events of 1988 in the Black sea when patrol ships TFR "Selflessly" and SKR – 6 heroically went to RAM American ships to force them out of the territorial waters of the USSR.

The basis of the storyline of the film is a tribute to the respect, love and loyalty of the captain and crew of the TFR "Selflessly" of your ship.

This is the story of that ship, the commander and crew, as three parts of one whole and when you run a complex combat training tasks, and raise the alarm with access to stormy sea and of life in the harsh naval life.

The film shows the relationship of the commander, the crew and of the ship where the ship is like a house with a soul and at the same time comrade, who was born, lived and died like a true warrior...

In memory of TFR "Selflessly" and with gratitude to him for his faithful service, in honor of respect for the crew and the commander of the ship, in connection with the 30th anniversary of the RAM in the territorial waters of the black sea fleet of the USSR in 1988 was filmed this documentary.

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