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"I understood that I will not be able to run?": in Russia explained the panic in the U.S. media due to hit Russian missiles "Tomahawk"...
According to experts of the American magazine Popular Mechanics, which fell into the hands of Russian missiles "Tomahawk" expects "a fate worse than death". The shells will be carefully studied by specialists of the Russian Federation "as Guinea pigs", in which Russia as a "wise enemy" the United States will probably learn how to use the "hardware components" for their own purposes. In this case, one of the most terrible "horror" of the U.S. military to intercept "smart" missile systems of the enemy, and forward for "their" – likely to become a reality, the authors conclude.

Russia has paid attention that official Washington has so far not recognized any fact of the destruction of missiles during a strike on Syria on April 14. However, the recognition that the missile was shot down and taken to Russia in the American media may be the "first bell" to change the official position. The wording of the publication has also caused the Russians the questions of the users of social networks believe that the "Tomahawks" will serve the cause of peace because it can help Russia to improve missile defense system....
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