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Predicted three paths of human development
Built according to the model, the more resources extracted from the bowels of the planet, the wider population. Proportionally to worsening of environmental conditions, and eventually the environment becomes a point when population growth becomes unstable and the population is under threat of extinction, reports RIA "Novosti".

Then the scientists added to the model, the switch between the two types of resources: in the first case generated a lot of energy, but deteriorating environment, and the second – the production of energy incomparably greater, but the conditions of life no harm is applied.

In the end, the researchers identified three of the most likely scenario. The first death in which civilization developed quickly, used large amounts of resources until then, until it reached a peak population for the planet. After this the population began to sharply decline to the equilibrium level when resource was missed by all the remaining inhabitants. Extinct 70% of the inhabitants of the planet.

The second scenario called "soft landing". The first civilization was moving towards use of resources and actively increasing population, however, before the critical point has shifted resources, directing efforts to preserve the environment. Most of the population survived.

The third scenario dubbed "Full collapse" when conditions on the planet deteriorated so rapidly that the transition has already failed to prevent extinction.

Adam Frank noted that the choice of "weak" fuel source is not always saved civilization from extinction – in some scenarios he was only delaying the inevitable. According to him, these models help us to imagine what awaits humanity in the future.

Previously, astrophysicist Ethan Siegel has suggested, which will see the sky the inhabitants of the milky way 10 billion years, after the death of humanity from the Big Bang.
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