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Near Moscow began testing the new tanks

- In the testing of combat vehicles are the crews of guards tank army of the Western military district, representatives of the staff of the WMD and manufacturers, - have told in a press-service of the district.

In the test program, checking work scopes and systems of surveillance, fighting fire on different types of targets day, night and adverse weather conditions. During races drivers will armored ditches, slopes, combs and all other types of obstacles.

The forum "Army-2017" Uralvagonzavod phas otpical contracts for the modernization of 31 T-80 tank to version BVM. The update provides for the installation of 1250-horsepower gas turbine engine, the installation of dynamic protection "Relic" and anti shaped-charge screens. The most significant changes will relate to weapons: the commander and gunner get the fire control system "Sosna-U", unified with T-72B3. This complex allows equally effective to fire day and night. Instead of outdated missiles "Cobra" 125-mm tank gun will use guided missiles "Reflex" with range of defeat to five kilometers, which will significantly increase the chances of the T-80 to win the tank duel.

The latest modification of T-72 is also equipped by anticumulative screens, dynamic protection and multi-fuel engine capacity of 1130 HP. In the workplace of the driver appeared on-Board computer diagnostic system with tank fire controls system "Sosna-U", and redesigned the automatic loader allows to use longer projectiles of high penetrating power.

According to manufacturers, the combat module "Berezhok" increases the firepower of 3-4 times. 30-mm automatic cannon equipped with modern systems of stabilization and fire control, launcher containers ATGM "Kornet" covered armored screens, on the back of the tower mounted automatic grenade launcher against infantry.


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