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"Hurt polar bear": China has told the Arctic arms of the Russian Federation, which most frightens US
"Tor М2ДТ" is equipped with 16 missiles 9М448, whose range is 16 km, and the height of the trajectory is 10 km away. Transportation to SAM is via the combat vehicle on tracks, that has excellent maneuverability and is perfect for the Arctic, and the signals tracked antenna array capable of simultaneously "lead" 48 purposes.

As for American troops, some U.S. military equipment can operate in the far North, but anti-aircraft weapons not included in its number. Thus, Russia gained a distinct advantage over the United States in the Arctic.

"These unique weapons have forced the us army to realize how hurt the polar bear. At the moment this is the only SAM, adapted to Arctic conditions, and other weapons loses to him on this indicator", — writes "new York times", citing

Anton Sokolov
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