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In China, for the fifth time since the beginning of the year gasoline prices have fallen 9.6 k
A decline of 55 yuan (about 8.5 dollars). Since June 26, when the order comes into force, a ton of gasoline will cost between 8795 (1,37 thousand dollars) to 8220 yuan (1.28 thousand dollars). Prices vary in different regions of China depending on the size of the allocated Central government subsidies.

The reduction is dictated by the current state policy of China. According to current rules, the domestic prices depend on world quotations for crude oil. If they lead to a change in the cost of tons of petroleum products in the domestic market more than 50 yuan (7.65 USD), and for longer than 10 working days, retail prices of gasoline and diesel fuel is also adjusted.

June 23 participating countries of the agreement of OPEC agree to increase the volume of oil production to the level of 100 percent of liabilities. The total increase can be up to a million barrels a day. Of them Russia can come to around 200 thousand barrels per day. The agreement was made possible because of falling oil production in Venezuela.

At the end of may in Russia has sharply risen in price gasoline. The price of some grades of fuel rose more than a ruble per liter. The growth of prices was connected with increase in oil prices on world markets. June 21 price per liter of gasoline AI-98 in the Krasnodar region has overcome a mark in 50 rubles and reached 50.22 rubles.
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