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Assad responded to a question about the timing of Russia's presence in Syria
Answering the question of what to expect in Russia in the context of the words of Assad that the Syrian government will require all to leave this earth, the Syrian President recalled that the friendship between Moscow and Damascus lasted for more than 60 years, and an agreement on military cooperation was signed over 40 years ago.

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria: "In relations with Russia we have two main options. First, both Syria and Russia have an interest in fighting terrorism and defeating it in Syria, in Russia, in any other part of the world. This is our first option and our goal. The second option is long — term. Russia plays a very important role in restoring the world balance that was lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. To restore the balance of power in the world is very important to Russian military and political presence in Syria, the middle East and other parts of the globe. This is important not only for Russia and the major world powers. It is important for small countries like Syria. What we expect from Russia at all levels, is the fight against terrorism and the balance of power in the world."

Assad stressed that different parts of Syria were occupied by the terrorists supported by the West — the US and its allies, whose main goal — hegemony.

Bashar al-Assad: "the Syrian government is independent, we have good relations with Russia, with China and with other countries. But the United States wanted to remake the map of the world politically, and perhaps with the use of military force. Syria has become one of the main battlegrounds in this alteration, at least in the middle East. So when you talk about someone's interests, what is happening is a clash of these forces, the main forces of the US and its allies who support terrorists. Their goal is hegemony. Another power is Russia and her allies. Their aim is to fight against terrorism and the restoration of international law".

Assad also said that Syria is in the group of independent countries, which include Iran, North Korea and Russia, and the United States "are not taking any independent position," including "any independent European position." Thus, according to the head of the SAR, nonpublic "many European companies are trying to open the door to Syria for their investment."
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