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Putin approved the national plan on fight against corruption

In particular, according to the plan, the Russian government instructed before 1 October 2018 to develop and approve methodology of assessment of corruption plans of Federal government agencies and the effectiveness of the implementation of these plans, as well as set the procedure for the determination of officials of Federal public authorities, responsible for the development and implementation of policies in the field of combating corruption.

Before October 1, the Cabinet of Ministers also need to develop and approve the technique of carrying out of sociological research to assess the level of corruption in the constituent subjects of the Russian Federation.

Until November 1, the government was instructed to submit to the state Duma draft Federal laws that extend to responsible officials of prohibitions, restrictions and requirements established in order to counter corruption.

Also must be introduced a bill aimed at improving anti-corruption standards for such workers, and to improve liability measures for failure to comply with anti-corruption prohibitions.

The Prosecutor General's office charged annually before March 1 to inform the Chairman of the Presidium of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation for countering corruption on the results of activities carried out by law enforcement bodies on fight against corruption crimes.

Until September 1, 2020, the Russian government instructed to submit a report on monitoring the application of the legislation of the Russian Federation on combating corruption in order to improve the effectiveness of mechanisms for the prevention and settlement of conflict of interests.

Until February 1, 2019 government of the Russian Federation instructed to prepare proposals on expansion of the types of property subject to recourse to the income of the Russian Federation (including cash and other assets, luxury goods), if in respect of such property not presented evidence to support its acquisition of legitimate income.

FSO the Russian Federation with participation of RF President administration, RF government and other interested bodies mandated to examine the issue of implementation in state agencies information system based on information system in the field of fighting corruption, being used in the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

The plan also calls for improved measures to combat corruption in the business sector, including the protection of business entities against the abuse of official position by officials.

The state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation with participation of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation and the Russian foreign Ministry instructed to ensure the meaningful participation of Russia in activities of the Group of States against corruption and the functioning of the review mechanism of the UN Convention against corruption. Performance report be submitted annually before February 1.

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