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Italy is tired of migrants and wants to close ports

"At the next meeting of heads of ministries of internal Affairs of the European Union I want to request on behalf of the Italian ban on all international ships and to be able to abandon the mission of the rescue workers illegal immigrants seeking to our ports of the Mediterranean sea," he said.

"It is extremely unfair that all illegal refugees seek in our ports. Also very hurt by the fact that many non-governmental international organizations, floating past our ports, eager to get in Italy matched them in the sea of Libyan refugees.

Country, because the designated EU responsibility, is forced to accept everyone. But most of the migrants are not bona fide refugees requiring emergency care. Most of them are normal economic migrants," remarked Matteo Salvini.

Many agreed with his statement, but there were also tech that is not approved and considered this attitude is inhumane. Against the policy Salvini recently even held a rally called "Red shirt". People advocated for those in need.


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