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KFOR moves forces to Northern Kosovo, Serbia is planning a meeting of the security Council
On the agenda will be the issue of protection of Serbian interests and the people living in Kosovo and Metohija and the situation in the sphere of security in the southern Serbian province.

As noted by the Serbian TV station RTS, 4 August is the deadline for drafting the Charter of the Community of Serb municipalities, which Brussels gave Pristina after the arrest of the Director of the office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Serbian government Brand Gorica in March and the release party "the Serbian list" of the separatist Kosovo government.

The Prime Minister of the separatist Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj 3 Aug warned the Serbs of the Northern territory following the meeting of the Kosovo security Council, that in case of the Declaration of autonomy, the Kosovo security force will take action.

"Nobody has the right to unilateral steps," said Ramashraya at a press conference after the meeting, reports of Kosovo, "Gazeta Express". According to Horadnia, the Kosovo government will not allow anyone to break the law.

Earlier, on 3 August, several dozen cars with the military KFOR Hungarian contingent was seen on the road Pristina — Kosovska Mitrovica. Colony moved North. The convoy was military jeeps and several trucks and several armoured vehicles. The column was and the car "ambulance".

The command of KFOR on the evening of August 2 reported that are planned exercises throughout Kosovo in accordance with UNSC Resolution 1244.

Recall that on 2 August, the unrecognized Kosovo police special order recalled from leave to all employees.

According to the group commander of NATO forces in Naples, Admiral James Fogo, who on 1 August called for the team of the "Kosovo Force", Corresponderam a sufficient number of troops to react in case of disturbances on the background of the discussion of the question of Kosovo's status.

Southern Serbian Autonomous province of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008. Currently, under the auspices of the Brussels negotiations on "full normalization of relations of Belgrade and Pristina". The signing of the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina is also a condition for admission of Serbia to the EU.
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