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In Russia to create center for the study of intelligence of the citizens

Due to the information received, the experts will be able to evaluate the changes occurring in the course of human development. It is expected that the studies will wear for many years. To collect the necessary data, the specialists are developing a special platform with the psychological tests which will include visual, spatial and other tasks. Among other things, the data center will help to assess the intellectual development of Russians.

"We often hear on TV or read in the Newspapers about the fact that the society has increased the level of aggression or, for example, fell to the level of intelligence. But all these statements are unfounded! To say such things, you need to conduct regular population-based study for decades. In Russia, such studies have never been conducted because it was very expensive. Now, with the emergence of new technologies we can afford, "says the doctor of psychological Sciences Sergey Malykh.

It is expected that the establishment of the data centre will answer the call by Norwegian scientists. Scandinavian researchers recently released the results of the work from which it follows that one generation of Norwegians intelligence has decreased by an average of seven points. In Russia, a number of sociologists talking about similar processes.


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