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The world's first cruise liner on CNG launched

The ship AIDAnova length of 337 meters and has more than 2.6 thousand cabins, reports Deutsche Welle. The ship will depart on the first flight December 2, from Hamburg. The operator of the cruise ship Aida ordered the construction of three ships that will use as fuel LNG. According to the company, she invested in this project more than 3 billion euros.

Meanwhile, the German nature protection Union (Nabu) is concerned about air pollution due to the development of cruise tourism.

LNG is considered to be less harmful to the environment than diesel fuel. However, further progress in the field of climate policy "not only on the issue of maintaining the purity of the atmosphere" will be possible if the gas is generated from renewable sources, said Nabu expert Dietmar Oliger.

The organization is outraged that in 2018, the market is still represented by the ships designed for heavy fuel and not using effective technology in solving the problem of exhaust gases. In particular, many vessels are not equipped with filters soot particles.

Cruise tourism is developing, while "the population of the major port cities of Europe suffers from excessive air pollution," said Nabu. Union calls for ban on login "dirty vessels" in European ports. According to experts, it will allow "to some extent, to overcome a threat to the health of local residents and sensitive ecosystems."


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