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Japan began the development of hypersonic weapons

Recall that the hypersonic weapon is primarily a cruise missile, which in addition to the very high speed are quite maneuverable. One of the most famous developments in this field is the American X-51A Waverider, capable of speeds up to Mach 6-7 and domestic system "Zircon".

As for the Japanese projects, the development of weapons will be carried out in the framework of the project Hyper Velocity Projectile Gliding (HVGP). At the moment it is known that the first samples of weapons should have a speed around 5.5-6 swings throughout the greater part of the time required for approaching the target. In addition to cruise missiles, the project will be taken on Board aircraft and missile defense system against hypersonic missiles of a potential enemy, and has all the necessary infrastructure. Military weapons the authorities voshodyaschego sun announced in one of his reports.

"The issue of security of the territory surrounding Japan is becoming increasingly important. Thus various challenges and destabilizing factors are becoming more tangible and acute. Hypersonic weapons would be used to protect remote Islands, if the situation calls for it."

Vladimir Kuznetsov


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