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The President of Iran has called the us sanctions have prevented progress

Entered the U.S. sanctions are not directed against the Iranian government and against the Iranian people and progress, said President of Iran Hassan Rouhani. He is in an interview with CNN said that sanctions of the USA "is directed not against the system or the government of Iran and against the Iranian people."

Sanctions "have only one effect, they complicate the normal daily life of the Iranian people," said Rouhani.

Threats of sanctions to third countries, supporting business with Iranian partners, the United States wants to halt progress in Iran. "It does not bring any benefits, neither by the US, Iran, nor the region, the President said.

"History will show that the U.S. is making a big mistake," he said.

While Rouhani said the introduction of US sanctions hinder the normal development of world trade and economic cooperation, so they are "in the future will not be able to exert that pressure for a long period, and it will not contribute to the achievement of the goal" set by Washington.

He noted that if Europe manages to implement the arrangements set out in the joint statement of the participants of the meeting of the five signatories of the agreement on the Iranian atom eve, the "Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) will continue to act without the United States."

Speaking at the ongoing session of the UN General Assembly, Hassan Rouhani said that the United States emerged from the AGREEMENT, pushing the other parties to the transaction to its violation.

"The U.S. is pushing other States to ensure that they violated the AGREEMENT. And, worse yet, the US threatens a country or international organization if they are to comply with resolution 2231, adopted by the UN security Council, " - said Hassan Rouhani, speaking at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly.

July 14, 2015 Iran and the six international mediators after a decade of negotiations have reached a historic agreement on a final settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue. Following this, the UN security Council adopted resolution 2231, approving the AGREEMENT.


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