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Japanese scientists have approached the use of fusion energy

This was necessary because one of the ways to start self-sustaining fusion reaction is to hold the compressed high-temperature plasma and its charged particles with the aim of raising the overall temperature of the reactor. This method is called EMFC (electromagnetic flux-compression), or "electromagnetic compression". Japanese scientists developed a device capable of producing a magnetic field strength in Tesla 1200. During a series of experiments by Japanese physicists have managed to not only create such a field, but to force him to work for 100 microseconds. Yes, it's not a very impressive result, but he still many times greater than all previous levels. That is also very important during the new installation the elements of its construction are not subject to destruction and change under the influence of its own magnetic field. As the developers of the technology from the University of Tokyo,

"You understand, created a new device, the magnetic field is more than 120000 times stronger than the field produced by conventional magnets on the fridge. However, his characteristics and duration as close as possible to the minimum magnetic field characteristics necessary for conducting stable nuclear fusion reactions of. All this makes us one step closer to the moment when we will enjoy a virtually inexhaustible source of energy."

Vladimir Kuznetsov


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