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Virtual Singapore launched the most ambitious digital project in the history of

Unique in its scale the online platform is estimated at 53 million dollars and it is based on the so-called big data. In the virtual model included a huge amount of information about the whole urban infrastructure. It is, in fact, a replica of the city in the virtual world.

In the first phase of testing will have at its disposal the civil service, but only on devices that are not connected to the Internet. It will be used for planning the construction of buildings and roads, for solving problems related to various emergency situations, prevention of terrorist threats and so on. "Virtual Singapore" is part of a larger project Smart Nation. This is a state program for the introduction of new technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens.

However, the experts have a number of questions to the new system. Of course, some data should be anonymous, but making the platform open she can easily take advantage of dishonest people. As stated by the head of the project, George Lo,

"Quite an acute question about what data needs to be in the public domain, and which are not. After all, if the platform is not accurate enough, nobody will use it. But if on the contrary — it can be dangerous. For example, it can help to analyze the height of buildings, distance from the target and download the sniper from the comfort of home. So we need to find the right balance."

Vladimir Kuznetsov


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