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The Ministry of defence buys "Elbrusy"
According to the order of the Ministry of defense of Russia in the period until 30 September 2019 plans to laptops, workers, graphic and multimedia stations, plotters, software, and peripheral equipment including with the special checkout and specieslevel processors "Elbrus". In addition, a closed auction for delivery of 1 thousand sets of "Elbrus-801РС" in the interests of the defense Ministry will be held on 19 October this year.

Working station "Elbrus 801-PC" is developed on the basis of the microprocessor "Elbrus-8S" and is intended for the equipment of automated workplaces (AWP) operators, user names and information terminals, applications in industrial automation and in systems with high requirements for information security.

Earlier it was reported that the defense Ministry of Russia plans to convert all office computers of the military departments with a Microsoft operating system on domestic Astra Linux that is compatible with the Russian processors "Elbrus". System for several years already in use by the Armed forces of Russia, in particular, on it is based the information system of the National control centre defense of the Russian Federation. In addition, today it is used in the existing models of armament and military equipment in a number of promising developments.

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