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The American General admitted that in 15 years will start a war between the US and China
The former commander of the US army in Europe Ben Hodges expressed the opinion that war with China could begin after 15 years.

According to Lieutenant-General, the conflict will be a clash of interests between Washington and Beijing in the Pacific region.

— The US needs a very strong European support. I think that 15 years is not inevitable, but has a very high probability that we will be at war with China, — quotes Agency the Associated Press Hodges.

The expert said that Washington is unable to cope alone with the Chinese threat.

Earlier edition of the Military Times poll published in the us military, according to which 46% of active U.S. military personnel expressed confidence in the imminent beginning of the war. The American expert said about the helplessness of the United States to Russia and China in case of military conflict.
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