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The Russians spoke about the probability of occurrence of terrorists in Siberia

"The questions that we will consider today, is no less relevant for the security of citizens and the state. This is due to the increase in the level of terrorist activity in the region, the high probability of penetration in the Siberian regions representatives of international terrorist organizations, as well as increasing the intensity of labor migration from Central Asian countries", — he said.

Security official said that located in Siberia, the objects were in sight of the international terrorist and extremist organizations. One of the reasons he called the discrepancy of cultural, sports and religious buildings requirements for anti-terrorism protection due to the lack of money in regional and local budgets.

Separately Patrushev paid attention to 35 thousand revealed violations of mandatory requirements in the field of industrial safety at nuclear facilities of the Siberian Federal district. He reported that the results of the audits were assigned to more than five thousand administrative penalties, including fines totaling about 200 million rubles.

On 31 may it was reportedthat Russian President Vladimir Putin has put before the state security organs with the task to pay particular attention to the identification of clandestine terrorist cells.


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