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The defense Ministry has chosen the high-speed helicopter
- The project was successfully defended in the Ministry of defence, eventually settled on a single scheme Mile. While we are talking about a car capable of speeds of 400 kilometers per hour, - told RIA Novosti source familiar with the project.
Previously, the General Director of holding "Helicopters of Russia" Andrey Boginsky said that the concept of high-speed helicopter will be shown to the military in November 2018. Developers tasked to make a machine that can accelerate to 400 km/h and more. The burst speed of the helicopter does not exceed 300 kilometers per hour.

The development of fast cars started Kamov design Bureau and Mil. First proposed the Ka-92 coaxial with the pusher propeller. In 2015 went up in the air, the Mi-X1, flying prototype based on the Mi-24 with improved aerodynamics and a new bolt. The developers the maximum speed of 520 km/h with a flight range of 900 kilometers.
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