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The revolutionary guards of Iran does not intend to withdraw its advisers from Syria

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will preserve its military advisers, the revolutionary forces and their weapons in Syria", — quotes news Agency ISNA words of the Supreme commander of the IRGC major General Mohammad Ali Jafari.

In addition, the head of the IRGC said that Iran's military advisors are present in Syria, are there for the help of the army and people of Syria, leading the fight against the terrorists. In addition, the General said that the enemies of Iran are afraid of its armed forces to such an extent that they are willing to destroy everything, but would not allow the presence of troops of the Islamic Republic.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu Benjamin made threats against the Iranian military in Syria and near the Israeli borders. The statement related to the recent airstrikes the Israeli air force against Iranian targets in the South of Syria.

"Yesterday I heard the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran said," Iran has no military presence in Syria, we only suggest them " — quoted Netanyahu media "so let me tell them — get out of there quickly because we will continue our strong policy of attack, as we promised, fearlessly and ruthlessly", he said.

Netanyahu added that Israel attacked Iranian targets and objects "Hezbollah" in Syria hundreds of times and promised that the military action will continue. The Prime Minister promised not to allow Iran to strengthen its military presence on the territory of Syria, where the Iranian military support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Tehran denies sending regular troops to fight in Syria. The Iranian authorities and the military command claims that the Syrian army receives support from military advisers and volunteers from different countries.


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