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Deputy Prime Minister Akimov said about the backwardness of Russia for 100 years from the world's leading economies
"Robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual augmented reality, in General, the digitalization in the industry is for us a huge chance to overcome our now almost 100-year gap in productivity that separates us from the world's leading economies," - said Akimov on the forum in the framework of Russian business Week on Monday.

According to him, many times greater than the manipulators of man "accuracy, speed and responsiveness when carrying out routine work," their use will lead and is already leading "not only to the speed changes, but also the restructuring of social processes, the labour market, the redistribution of value."

"When we speak, do we need a head of digital transformation within the company - a company that asks this question, its actually not, or it will cease to exist until the middle of next decade. Someone will have to take out the trash, mine coal, smelt steel, the traditional industry is not going anywhere. But if the nature of the business processes in these companies change, they are from the companies - owners of key production assets will be converted to a service company for other platforms, solution providers have low margins, cost," - said Deputy Prime Minister.
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