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Classification society ClassNK has prepared a control system cyber-security for vessels
System CSM for courts provides recommendations for the provision, implementation, support and continuous improvement of the control system cyber-security companies and ships to ensure safe navigation. It includes measures in respect of protection from the risks of cyber attacks not only for the navigation of the ship, but also at the stage of designing and building ships with the system Security by Design.

The standards focused on informational and operational technologies that provide navigation and was created with the latest recommendations of the IACS and global standards of information security system ISO27001 (* 1) and ISO27002 (2 *). According to the ISM Code, the processing of cyber-risks within a safety management system companies are recommended, starting in 2021, and with the introduction of these standards in the management process of the company and the court can make a proper assessment and management of cyber risks.

The system is available as a free download for registered users on the website of a classification society.

Japanese classification society Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK NK) provides classification and technical services to roughly 20% of merchant ships around the world. ClassNK authorized to carry out the inspection of vessels on behalf of 109 flag administrations around the world. In 2013, the ClassNK register has been amended a total of 859 vessels around the world, the gross tonnage of which is equal to 20.5 million tons. For the third consecutive year the register of companies updated, on average, 20 million tons. In total, since 2003, the ClassNK register grew by more than 100 million tons.
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