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AMD and Cray will create the world's most powerful supercomputer

It is reported that the approximate capacity of the new supercomputer will be more than 1.5 exaflops. In other words, for a moment, he will be able to perform 1.5 trillion (1 000 000 500 000 000 000) computational operations. The machine will be installed in National laboratory oak ridge, University of Tennessee.

"The record capacity Frontier will give our country a chance to lead in world science, which provides life and economic prosperity of Americans and the whole world", — commented the head of the US Department of energy Rick Perry.

According to him, the US is forced to create ever more powerful computers to China, which is also actively engaged in the creation of supercomputers, not ahead of them in this direction.

"Today, the United States still remains the world leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), but China is gaining momentum. The authorities in Beijing to invest and support the Chinese development in the field of AI with one goal: to overtake the United States and to world leadership in the field of AI", he added.

As the Central processors in the supercomputer Frontier will use specialized chips AMD EPYC. Them in the new system is planned to be used in tandem with professional GPUs Radeon Instinct. Along with them will be used high-speed internal connection Infinity Fabric with low latency, which will link four GPU and one CPU in each node.

According to the portal the Verge, the system can handle an incredible amount of data with a throughput that will be 24 000 000 times higher than the average Internetconnection. In one second the system will be capable of processing, for example, 100 000 HD movies. Of course, for such purposes to use it is unlikely the machine will be used for scientific and other research in the interest of the U.S. government.

The area that would take a supercomputer Frontier, will be approximately 680 square feet, which is almost equivalent to the area of two basketball fields. This will use about 150 km of various cables.

At the moment the most powerful supercomputers in the world is the IBM Summit. Will be put into operation in June last year. Located in the same oak ridge National laboratory. The computational power of the computer is 122,3 PFLOPS. Built on the basis of 22 9216-core processors and IBM POWER9 27 648 NVIDIA Tesla V100.


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