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Russia will spend more than 200 expeditions to the research programme of the World ocean

"In April we started another program of studies, it is prepared by the interdepartmental scientific Council under the leadership of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Just 2019, the planned 30 marine scientific expeditions, they will take about 700 days. Half of the researchers are young people", - he said.

The Minister added that in the next few years there will be over 200 of them.

He noted that among the main research directions of these expeditions – "questions of Geology, heavyhemi, climate change, assess the development of dangerous phenomena, such as tsunamis, evaluation of the ecosystems of the oceans and bioresource potential of Russian seas". In addition, according to Kotyukov, "one of the most important directions is the search for new physiologically active substances".

"The results of basic research in the oceans today Russia is one of the leaders in the world. And the plans that we have for the next few years, will allow the government not just to secure (this leadership position - approx.) but to develop a new generation of researchers through this program would certainly be the leading and recognized worldwide," he concluded.


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