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Syria lost a rare and very valuable T-72's sights superior to T-90A

At the time, the Apennines, helped to Refine the part of the military vehicles, setting them on a modern fire control system Turms-T, used in tanks C1 Ariete.

And, judging by the images that appeared on the Network, the rebels managed to capture the rarest and most valuable version – with a full complement of such equipment. The fact that only a small part of the Syrian "seventy-second" was installed in the commander's panoramic sight for all round observation.

In this respect, the machine, according to experts, is superior to the Russian T-72B3 and T-90A, which do not have such systems. Also only a small part of the tanks with these systems managed to get dynamic protection.

These tanks Syrian commanders for a long time protected from involvement in hostilities to the front they were sent only when the situation is extremely tense. Due to the fact that they are relatively few, their photos are very rare on the Internet.

Dmitry Lemeshko


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