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The manufacturer of the Angara rocket called the critical situation with the production of missiles
A copy of the document available to the RIA Novosti. The Khrunichev Center RIA Novosti reported that the leadership of the subsidiary is implementing "comprehensive measures" to catch up with the backlog.

"The reasons which have caused occurrence of such a critical situation were: poor organization of the workplace, delayed the decision of questions of design service (CB "salute") and technology services (chief technologist), late production support (production Department, tool production, auxiliary production, service of supply), failure of terms of delivery of components (the space Rocket plant, Voronezh mechanical plant)", — the document says.

As a result, as noted in the order, in 2019 (January to may), a branch of the Khrunichev Center did not fulfill the plan of production in rubles and quantitative terms. According to the order, on ruble average indicators of the implementation of the program was 91%, and in may — only 85%. The gross output for the five months was 88% of the planned volume, and the range of products produced 37% of the planned. Suliko, according to a copy of the order, demanded from heads of all levels to take urgent measures aimed at the implementation of production plans, full load of workers and the elimination of the backlog.

"To overcome this lag unconditional and timely performance management and staff of the enterprise are undertaken exhaustive measures. In particular, implemented staffing measures aimed at improving productivity. Work with subcontractors to timely provide the Omsk site design and technological documentation, as well as the supply of components and materials," — said RIA Novosti in the Center of Khrunichev.
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