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Musk has predicted the decline of humanity by 2050
What future awaits mankind?
"The world population is rapidly moving towards its collapse, but almost nobody notices," commented Musk recent UN report.
He later explained that "in demographic data age stratification will look like an inverted pyramid, consisting of a large number of representatives of the age generation and a much smaller number of younger generation".

The head of Tesla and SpaceX has turned to the Norwegian scientist Jorgen Randers, who in his book "2052: a global forecast for the next forty years", wrote that human population will begin to decline around 2040.

The idea of the Mask contradicts the information from a fresh UN report that predicted the level of the world population until 2100, says Business Insider. According to the report, by 2050 the Earth's population will reach 9.7 billion people. However, it also States that the world population is growing at a slow pace, with peak reduction of population growth expected by the year 2100, but by that time the planet will live almost 11 billion people. In the same report speaks of "an unprecedented aging of the population of the Earth."

Nikolai Khizhnyak
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