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The army has experienced a military Internet
The technique was tested in the Central military district, the exercise attracted more than 4,500 military personnel, 1,500 units of equipment and special equipment. In creating a closed and secure network participated space communications station "Belozerov", to classify the data by means of mobile complexes of Nickel. This is a high speed crypto router, it is able to encrypt any streaming information. All equipment operators have deployed and configured in an hour.

Created by the army network is completely Autonomous, it is nowhere in contact with the "external" Internet. All important information is conveyed through the instrument of the Ministry of defense. The test results allow to speak about possibility to organize high-speed and secure data transmission on the whole territory of Russia, said the Agency.

The importance of past exercises it is difficult to overestimate. The Russian army rapidly moves to digital, automatic data exchange system used everywhere from infantry platoon to ballistic missiles. It is essential to ensure quick transfer of large volumes of information over long distances. It is even more important to protect these communication lines from breaking, and the missiles will fly not there, and the battlefield chaos. How to organize it, know perfectly well the Russian army electronic warfare.
Stable lines of communication provide for the operation of automated control systems. For this purpose, all forms of communication - primarily radio relay. It is still considered a reliable and productive. Also used tropospheric, satellite and other channels, - told "Izvestia" chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor murakhovski.

This year the defense Ministry began work to build its own Internet. He got the name of multi-service transport network (MTTS). The first phase of work will be completed before the end of the year, MTTS will be fully ready in 2021-m. it will Have its own search engine, for best performance, the military will pave the fiber optic cable through the Arctic.
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