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The winners of the contest for the prize named after A. E snesareva in 2019
Among the winners:
  1. Kurbanova Anastasia Aleksandrovna, the student of 2 course, Military University of the defense Ministry, "the Relevance of the theoretical heritage of A. Snesarev for understanding contemporary US policy in the middle East";
  2. Kunin Elizabeth S., 3rd year student, IN the state budgetary educational institution "St. Petersburg state Academy of veterinary medicine", "Pacifism and "just war" as a coherent socio-political practices";
  3. Korenev Evgeniy Sergeevich, senior lecturer in international relations and foreign policy of Russia in the Saratov national research state University. N. G. Chernyshevsky, "Scenario forecast of future conflicts and the position of Russia in the new world order";
  4. Sugonjaev Pavel Maksimovic, 4th year student, Moscow state linguistic University, "Geopolitical sense "White paper a security policy" and the future of the Bundeswehr".

Honorary diploma "for the will to win" will be awarded Yemelyanova Anastasia Sergeevna, the student of 2 courses, Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas (national research UNIVERSITY) named after I. M. Gubkin, for work on the theme "Prospects for international cooperation in countering hybrid threats".

Traditionally, the award ceremony will take place in the office-Museum of Soviet Union Marshal G. K. Zhukov at the address, Moscow, street Znamenka, 19.

The date and time of the awarding the winners will be notified additionally.

See you in the new year!
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