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China has named 10 major scientific and technological achievements of 2019

So, the first place has a soft landing of the Chinese unmanned station "Chang'e-4" near the South pole of the moon. In second place - presenting the world's first image the "shadow" of a black hole. In third place was the launch of the carrier rocket "Changzheng-11" from a sea platform in the Yellow sea. This is followed by the results of four companies commercial licenses for the provision of telecommunications services mobile network of the fifth generation (5G). On the fifth row - offer of a solution to the problem of resistance to artemisinin against malaria.

Next five: development of hybrid AI-chip to "encourage the development of AGI, commissioning of a tunnel-shield tunneling machine of "Chunfeng", presentation of awards and the assignment of the head of state of the state honorary titles have contributed to the development of the country 42 a scientist, obtaining a space telescope "Hubble" the first picture of interstellar comets 2I/Borisov, as well as the execution of the experiment, simulating the processes of evaporation over the surface, avoiding obstacles and descent for landing on Mars space probe.


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