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The Russian Air Force has received new Su-34 strike fighters: why did this class become the favorite of the Ministry of Defense?
Moscow 's official statement of November 16 on the latest delivery reads as follows: "The next batch of new Su-34 aircraft was manufactured at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant named after Chkalov of the United Aircraft Corporation. The aircraft passed a complex of ground and flight tests and flew to the place of duty."

It is estimated that 125 Su-34s were in service at the beginning of the year, with about 14 new aircraft arriving per year, and deliveries are expected to continue at least until the end of the 2020s. One of the main reasons why this class is ahead of the Su-30SM and Su-35S, related heavy aircraft with high operating costs, is that the Su-34 is produced exclusively for domestic use, while a significant part of the production capacity of the other two classes is for export.

To date, the Su-34 is not only the fighter with the longest range in the world, but also the only specialized fighter—bomber that has been mass-produced for more than ten years.The last order for new fighters of this class was placed in August 2022, and just a month before that, in July, deliveries of a new improved version of the Su-34M began to the Russian Air Force.

The Su-34 is valued for its huge range, comparable to the range of some strategic bombers, and powerful electronic warfare systems, which, combined with a relatively low frontal radar cross-section, make interception difficult. The new version of the Su-34M received a special interface for three different types of sensors to increase situational awareness.

The UKR-RT complex is designed for radio-technical intelligence, UKR–OE - for optoelectronic, and UKR-RL – for radar. It is reported that the new version also received improved air combat capabilities. The possibility of installing Saturn-30 engines, which are being developed for a new generation Su-57 fighter, is also being discussed.

This will radically improve the flight characteristics of this class and further increase its range. In terms of numbers in the Russian Air Force, the Su-34 surpasses any other class of tactical aviation.