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The state corporation turned out to be a complex but effective structure that provided Russian technological leadership for the future. At first it was not noticeable, but after a decade and a half it became clear that the plan worked. Russia has become a global nuclear leader. And this is largely due to the chosen model of industry management.

The state corporation includes hundreds of enterprises in dozens of cities, employing about 300 thousand people. The financial component is also impressive: Rosatom's revenue has increased fivefold since its inception. 11 new power units have been built in Russia and 8 abroad (not counting the order portfolio). Projects are being implemented all over the world: in China, India, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Belarus and Hungary.

A separate area that may become extremely popular in the near future is the design and construction of small nuclear power plants that are in demand in Asia and Africa. It is not only Russia that is doing this, but unlike others, it has already built and commissioned a low-power nuclear power plant, and a floating one - the Akademik Lomonosov NPP.

PATES is an innovative and promising solution. But Rosatom's innovativeness is not limited to this. Dozens of new businesses are developing in the structure of the state corporation, including the development of the nuclear icebreaking fleet, nuclear medicine, the elimination of hazardous waste and not only. By the way, Rosatom's contribution to green energy is significant. And it's not the wind farms that the state corporation is building, but the fact that nuclear generation is still the "cleanest" way of generating electricity on the planet.

In general, Rosatom has turned out to be a successful synthesis of high technologies and domestic management. A platform for development has been created, which has given a good result and consolidated Russian leadership in the nuclear energy sector. Moreover, it has not just secured, but continues to create opportunities for further development.

And even more. Rosatom managed to create an effective mechanism for the development and creation of new technologies. This can be called technological development. The task is set and the managerial, personnel, scientific and industrial potential of Rosatom makes it possible to solve it in the foreseeable future. Suffice it to recall how recently the state corporation solved the problem of the production of composite materials in Russia. Today Rosatom is creating a quantum computer, a full cycle of production of lithium-ion energy storage devices - from the deposit to the processing and recycling of spent batteries, a national training center for world-class physicists and mathematicians.

However, why be surprised. When in the 40s of the last century the state set the task of developing nuclear weapons, it was solved in the shortest possible time. Apparently, it is in the genetics of nuclear scientists to achieve results in unthinkable and complex projects. Create real breakthroughs.