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20-02-2017    Iran is ready to establish with Russia a "strategic Alliance in the middle East"

In Tehran believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia "are moving towards a strategic Alliance" in the middle East. This was stated by the speaker of the Iranian Majlis (Parliament) Ali Larijani, quoted by TASS.

18-02-2017    CARTE BLANCHE. What will happen after the exhaustion of the Reserve Fund?

To avert a looming budget crisis is possible only by reducing Federal spending on the economy, the army and law enforcement structures.

18-02-2017    Russia had eaten 420 trillion rubles of the USSR heritage

Material-technical base of the Russian economy - buildings, constructions, machinery and equipment - decays and degrades significantly faster than the estimates by Rosstat.

18-02-2017    The Creator of Linux thinks modern innovation is nonsense

At the conference Leadership Summit Open Source Linux Creator Linus Torvalds said that all of today's innovation – nonsense, and urged not to pay attention to them.

17-02-2017    According to the forecast IDC, spending on information technology in the coming years will grow by 3.3% per year

Experts of the analytical company IDC has prepared a forecast, which says that the growth of spending on information technology (IT) in the period from 2015 to 2020 will be 3.3% per year. Specifically, in the current year the cost will increase compared with the year 2016 by 3.5%.

16-02-2017    On the way to Deir-Havero Syrian army has liberated three settlements

Syrian government forces on 15 February continued a slow advance to the East of the airbase "Kveyres" in the province of Aleppo. With the support of aircraft and artillery, government forces managed to liberate from terrorists DAISH (Islamic state, ISIS, ISIL) towns Rasmi and Rasmi Kama Kabir, informs a portal...

14-02-2017    Syrian special forces have broken through to Palmyra

Advancing through the desert out to the Western outskirts of the city and preparing for his assault

12-02-2017    Media: the extraction of resources may be required to negotiate with indigenous peoples

In accordance with the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the necessity to study the regulatory consolidation of ethnological expertise, exploration, Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities are studying the possibility of harmonizing with the small indigenous peoples of the country of...

12-02-2017    Why is the equivalent of all the money – the gold?

Why gold became the standard measure of all the money? Why this standard are copper, platinum or argon? The answer to this question is a chemical engineer.

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