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16-11-2017    Completed reception of works on competition of a name of A. Snesarev

Completed reception of works on competition of a name of A. Snesarev. There are 20 works. With all the work you oznakomitsya in the section About the award.

15-11-2017    Belarus has offered to send its peacekeepers to the Donbas

Minsk is ready to send its peacekeepers to the Donbass, if necessary, said foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei on Wednesday, November 15.

15-11-2017    Prices for caviar in retail can rise sharply for the New year

Spravorossy criticized the current priorities for the fishery in Russia. November 15, the curtain of the plenary session the state Duma adopted a Draft order made by the deputies of the faction "Fair Russia" Oleg nilavum, Sergei Crusecom and Anatoliy Greshnevikov.

15-11-2017    Turkey refuses from the dollar in favor of gold

Turkey sharply increased its imports of gold for the year. Purchases of bars and coins, which are the main indicator of investment demand, for the current year totaled 47 metric tons. In the same period last year was bought only 14.8 tons, reports the News.The economy, citing a report by...

15-11-2017    Sergei Shoigu: non-nuclear forces of the Russian Federation by 2020 will be able to fully ensure the security of the country

Non-nuclear forces of the Russian Federation until 2020 will reach the level of that guarantee to protect the interests of the country. This was stated on Tuesday the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation General of the army Sergei Shoigu at the Board office.

15-11-2017    Kyrgyzstan denounced the agreement with Kazakhstan on economic cooperation in the framework of the EAEU

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan passed the bill on denunciation of the agreement with Kazakhstan on the development of economic cooperation under the Eurasian economic integration.

15-11-2017    "Rosneft" has given Kurdistan the advance of $1.3 billion

Advances of the company for the supply of raw materials from unstable regions has exceeded $7.8 billion.

15-11-2017    China has tested a hypersonic drone with nuclear weapons

Chinese experimental UAV DZ-ZF completed a series of flight tests. The machine can reach speeds of more than 12 thousand kilometers per hour (Mach 11) and of carrying nuclear weapons, writes "Popular mechanics".

15-11-2017    More than 15 thousand scientists called the main threat to humanity

The appeal, signed by 15 364 scientists from 184 countries are listed the main threats to the existence of intelligent life on Earth. The second "warning to humanity" was published in the journal BioScience, reports The Washington Post.

15-11-2017    "Gazprom" has recognized the threat of U.S. sanctions all export pipelines

"Gazprom" acknowledged that taken in August of this year the US sanctions create risks for all export pipelines - both existing and under construction. However, for exact evaluation of the comments of the US Treasury, says the company published on Tuesday quarterly report.

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