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12-07-2018    In the United States still allowed to distribute 3D-models and digital drawings for DIY-weapons

About the gun Liberator habré heard, perhaps, everything. This is a homemade gun, almost all the details of which were made on a 3D printer. It was first established five years ago, that's when 3D printers become truly popular. And enterprising of their owners realized that they could print not...

11-07-2018    Italy is tired of migrants and wants to close ports

Matteo Salvini, Italian politician holding the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of internal Affairs, advocated the complete closure of the Italian ports for illegal migrants. About this politician said on his page on the social network Facebook.

07-07-2018    Belarus ratified the agreement on visa-free regime with China

Belarus ratified the intergovernmental agreement with China on mutual visa waiver for holders of ordinary passports travelling for tourism purposes.

07-07-2018    American scientists have printed on a 3D printer working heart muscle

Organ transplantation annually saves countless human lives. However, in transplantation there are many disadvantages: from the rejection of the transplanted sample to the banal lack of authority in a particular time. The last problem can be solved by the creation of artificial tissues. Moreover, significant advances in this field happen...

02-07-2018    Putin approved the national plan on fight against corruption

Russian President Vladimir Putin by his decree approved the "national plan of counteraction of corruption in 2018-2020". About it reports on Saturday the site of the Kremlin.

01-07-2018    Assad responded to a question about the timing of Russia's presence in Syria

Russian military and political presence in Syria and the middle East in General is very important to restore the balance of power in the world, said the President of Syria Bashar Assad in interview to NTV presenter Irada Zeynalova. НТВ.Ru published the full video version of the conversation.

01-07-2018    The scientists were able to reprogram the neural network of the brain

So popular in recent years neural networks are essentially a copy of the eponymous structures of the brain. And if the "machine" of a neural network can be programmed, why not try to do the same with our brain? That is, only on a smaller scale, according to an article...

01-07-2018    Employment records will be electronic by 2020

In Russia will start to use electronic employment record from 2020. This was told Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting.

27-06-2018    Fujitsu have a ready prototype of an ARM processor for Post-K — first Japanese supercomputer capacity 1 EXAFLOPS more

The serial version of the CPU should be ready by the time of the creation and deployment of a system of Post-K, is scheduled for 2021.

27-06-2018    In China, for the fifth time since the beginning of the year gasoline prices have fallen 9.6 k

The state Committee for Affairs of development and reforms of China has announced another decline in domestic prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. It was the fifth since the beginning of the year, reports Xinhua.

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