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27-06-2019    Huawei called on developers to create the perfect ecosystem without Android

At the recent Shanghai summit, China Open Source 2019 Vice-President of Huawei, strategy and business development Xiao Ran said that a proprietary compiler Huawei Ark will be available for third-party developers later this August. And for this event, the company invites its partners and developers to join the community of...

26-06-2019    Musk has predicted the decline of humanity by 2050

Elon Musk never ceases to worry about the fate of humanity in the future. This time the head of SpaceX and Tesla pessimistic Outlook for the next 30 years. According to the Mask in the next decade, the world waits for the explosion of the "population bomb" of a rapidly...

17-06-2019    Artificial intelligence is causing tremendous harm to the ecology of the planet

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts (USA) examined the characteristics of service of four fundamentally different modern AI: Transformer, ELMo, BERT and GPT-2. They measured the daily energy consumption of each system and multiplied it on the full time training of the neural network in its standard program. The resulting...

13-06-2019    The manufacturer of the Angara rocket called the critical situation with the production of missiles

Omsk manufacturer of rockets "Angara" AT the "Flight" (part of the Khrunichev Center) called the situation with the production of media "critical" and indicated the factors that led to the delay of production should be of the order signed by the Director "Flight" Victor of Suliko.

03-06-2019    Syria lost a rare and very valuable T-72's sights superior to T-90A

Among the lost government forces of Syria armored vehicles was very rare and valuable modification of the T-72AV. We are talking about the tank the so-called "Italian modernization."

28-05-2019    Russia will spend more than 200 expeditions to the research programme of the World ocean

Russia under the program of fundamental studies of the oceans, which was launched in April 2019, will hold this year, 30 marine scientific expeditions, and in the next few years - more than 200 expeditions.

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