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18-06-2017    Kiev missed the seizure by China of the Ukrainian economy

While the Kiev authorities are at war with "Russian aggression", China becomes the largest investor in a number of sectors of the Ukrainian economy, writes "".

14-06-2017    The United States wants to organize support to its military ships in the ports of Russia

USA looking for organizations that will provide logistics support to U.S. military ships in the ports of foreign States, reports RT.

13-06-2017    Iranian intelligence announced the elimination of the leader of the militants who committed the attack in Tehran

The Minister of security of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmud Alawi said the elimination of the leader of the terrorists who carried out the attacks in Tehran.

12-06-2017    China is developing a ship-killer

It became known about the early development of the Chinese Navy ship, can carry several hundred missile launchers.

12-06-2017    In Qatar called impossible the repurchase of shares in the transaction for Rosneft

The deal for the purchase of 19.5% of "Rosneft" at "Rosneftegaz" by the consortium of the sovereign Fund of Qatar (QIA) and trader Glencore does not provide a right to repurchase the shares, said in a statement QIA.

07-06-2017    The climatologist said about a possible "eternal autumn" in Russia

The atypical behavior of the weather — a consequence of human interference with the climate system.

06-06-2017    FT: Qatar paid the terrorists a ransom of one billion dollars

Qatar paid ransom for kidnapped in Iraq members of the Royal family to a billion dollars, writes the newspaper the Financial Times , citing sources close to the situation.

05-06-2017    Supplier audit chamber revealed violations in the implementation of the budget by 700 billion rubles

The head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova said that in the course of external audit of budget implementation for the year 2016 the violations on the 700 billion.

05-06-2017    The Central Bank began to study the possibility of creating a national cryptocurrency

The news that Russia will have "scriptural", went for a long time, but the representatives of the Central Bank argued that talking about the legalization of cryptocurrencies and their introduction into circulation on the territory of Russia is premature, but today it became known that work is already underway. About...

02-06-2017    In the United States first rolled out of the hangar the plane Stratolaunch, is able to launch carrier rockets

Transport aircraft Stratolaunch is intended to be run from the height of 9100 meters of rockets, first launched from a hangar in the Mojave desert (California). The machine, developed by Orbital Corporation OTK, equipped with six engines Pratt&Whitney PW4056 and consists of two fuselages with a length of 72 meters...

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