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05-01-2020    China has named 10 major scientific and technological achievements of 2019

In China held an event to showcase the achievements in the field of science and technology, which were announced a list of the most important achievements of this year, according informsluzhba mobile apps "Russia-China: main".

03-12-2019    The winners of the contest for the prize named after A. E snesareva in 2019

The winners of the competition for the award in 2019 were students, cadets and teachers of Russian Universities.

27-11-2019    Invite young professionals in the field of world politics

The staff of the Center for strategic estimates and forecasts (TSSOP) actively cooperates with the representatives of the expert and scientific community of the countries of near and far abroad, forming a comprehensive view of modern challenges and threats in the field of foreign and security policy of the Russian...

25-11-2019    In Russia will shape the tactics of the use of robots in urban combat

Tactics use of robots in urban combat will be formed in Russia by the beginning of next year. It is reported by RIA "Novosti" citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

25-11-2019    Army-2033: Putin has instructed to implement combat robots and laser weapons

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the new state armaments program, which will be calculated up to the year 2033.

19-11-2019    Artificial intelligence will help the Russian governors in making difficult decisions

The holding company Ruselectronics of state Corporation rostec, presented at the twelfth digital Tyumen the forum "Infotech-2019" clever system designed to assist governors in managing the regions. According to the creators, their development, analyzes a variety of data to provide tips for better life in society and achieve their goals.

06-11-2019    Iran has started to enrich uranium at the facility in Fordo

Iran has begun feeding gas into centrifuges at the nuclear facility in Fordow near the city of Qom.

06-11-2019    European banks decided to abandon Visa and MasterCard

At least 20 European banks are working to create pan-European payment system, which will replace the leading U.S. systems such as Visa and Mastercard.

08-09-2019    China first in the world that can issue digital currency Central Bank

China can produce the world's first digital currency from the Central Bank /CBDC/, according to the newspaper China Daily.

01-08-2019    The army has experienced a military Internet

The defense Ministry has tested high-speed data network. The information exchange was conducted at a distance of more than two thousand kilometers with a speed of 300 megabits per second via closed communication channels. To access them from the outside impossible.

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