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07-06-2018    Underwater complex "Harpsichord-2P" was released for testing in Crimea

At the naval training ground in Feodosia began testing underwater robotic complex 2Р52 (also known as "Harpsichord-2R"). About it write "news" referring to a source in the Main command of the Russian Navy.

05-06-2018    Scientists told about the warming of the last 100 thousand years

The fall of a giant asteroid on the Earth 65 million years ago caused abrupt climate warming, which had been preserved for 100 million years.

05-06-2018    Predicted three paths of human development

A group of astrophysicists led by American Adam Frank built a model of the development of activitatii using resources for the evolution and expansion; on the basis of this model, scientists have identified three possible ways of development of mankind, writes The Atlantic.

01-06-2018    RIA Novosti: Russian Federal space Agency may receive 150 billion and is ready to collapse projects

In the next three years the Federal space program of Russia may be reduced because of underfunding by approximately 150 billion rubles. It is reported by RIA "Novosti" citing a source in the space industry.

21-05-2018    "I understood that I will not be able to run?": in Russia explained the panic in the U.S. media due to hit Russian missiles "Tomahawk"...

The American media is concerned about the fate of the downed in Syria Tomahawk missiles, which were delivered to Russia. Russia explained the emotions of the West....

14-05-2018    TVEL will develop tolerant fuel for reactors of Western design

A subsidiary of Rosatom — TVEL has received an order to develop a tolerant fuel for reactors of Western design, told reporters the head of the TVEL Natalya Nikipelova may 14 in Sochi in the framework of the forum "ATOMEXPO-2018".

07-05-2018    China: Russia got a slap from the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States

Russian air defense system has not coped with protection of the airspace of Syria.

06-05-2018    Israel has created the protection system of facial recognition

Did a startup from tel Aviv have created an algorithm that is able to protect from face detection. Israeli development can thus change some facial features in the photos, to relate photo processed with other images and the real person who is depicted on them, the recognition system does not...

02-05-2018    The creators of "Elbrusy" release the alternative processor architecture for the first time in seven years

MCST the company introduced the first in many years, the new microprocessor on the basis of own architecture "Elbrus", and open the SPARC architecture. Mass production is scheduled for 2019.

01-05-2018    Russia launched the world's only floating nuclear power plant

Many countries, including China and the United States, tried to create a sea or floating nuclear reactors, but attempts have sunk into oblivion. Russia, though not the first, launching a new floating nuclear power plant, 70-MW "Akademik Lomonosov", on the Baltic sea, but certainly will be the only one who...

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