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30-04-2018    "Angstrom" has introduced a new high voltage 32-channel multiplexer

The specialists of JSC "Angstrem" has developed and launched serial production of radiation-resistant chip high voltage 32-channel multiplexer analog signal 5023КН015. Work to start producing a new semiconductor product took place in the framework of the program of import substitution.

18-04-2018    Scientists have documented the evidence of global disaster in the Atlantic

Scientists at University College London found that the sea current, the Gulf stream slowed down significantly, reaching at least the last 1600 years. According to researchers, this may lead to severe winters in Western Europe, accelerated growth in sea level and weakening of the tropical rains. It is reported

18-04-2018    Off the coast of Japan found quasiresonance Deposit of rare earth metals

Rare earth metals are widely used in the modern world. They have found application in electronics, automobile industry, chemical industry, nuclear industry and so on. However, as you can tell from the name, these metals are rare in nature.

01-04-2018    In Russia "sank" the construction program of the Navy

The weakness of Russian shipbuilding, ship repair and engineering base has led to failure of the construction program of the Navy of the Russian Federation. The actual commissioning of new main battle ships of classes in the framework of the state program of armaments to 2020, as well as their...

29-03-2018    In the Video section we offer to viewing the documentary film "the Last parade Selfless"

The documentary "the Last parade "Selfless" was produced by film Studio "Bereg" (Director Tatyana Skabard) together with the Educational-research centre of the Moscow Federation of trade unions.  

28-03-2018    Whether Russia without SWIFT?

The country off from the SWIFT system more likely. How serious this risk and does Russia have any alternatives?

28-03-2018    British intelligence services will charge to deal with misinformation in social networks

Special services of great Britain will actively combat misinformation in social networks, according to the newspaper The Guardian. According to the newspaper, thus the "British scouts will begin contrappuntistica the war against the Russians."

22-03-2018    Hackers can blow up the factories. Under the threat of thousands of businesses around the world

The New York Times revealed that in August 2017, the hackers almost blew up an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia. The catastrophe was prevented by a bug in the code of the virus.

22-03-2018    "Green berets" are preparing to fight the Russians in the Arctic

Fifteen hundred green berets were trained in the harsh ice of Alaska. Previously, similar exercises were held in Norway, but apparently the Pentagon felt that this is not enough, and decided to try the forces in the northernmost point of the United States.

17-03-2018    Russia topped the list of most unequal economies in the world

Russia took first place in the list of countries with the highest level of inequality among major economies, according to a study of the consulting company New World Wealth.

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