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19-02-2018    The deputies will discuss with experts the preparation of legislative initiatives in the field of shipping and ports

The national marine policy of Russia since Peter I, was a powerful influence on the global balance of economy and military force. The Russian Federation is one of the leading Maritime countries in the world, with the length of the water coast about 60 thousand km, rich in development potential...

17-02-2018    Reuters: Syria killed and injured 300 private military experts from Russia

Agency Reuters citing three sources reported about 300 dead and wounded in Syria last week. According to the Agency, they all worked to some "associated with the Kremlin of the Russian private military company" (the term "private military company" in Russia is still only being discussed by parliamentarians.— “Kommersant”).

17-02-2018    The Federation Council approved the resignation Klintsevich from the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Committee

The Federation Council at the meeting approved the resignation of Franz Klintsevich from the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security.

11-02-2018    The MOE has told about possible variants of development of the military conflict with Russia

In case of a possible military conflict with Russia the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction against the civilian population is virtually eliminated, according to the appropriate scientific-methodical work of the Ministry of emergency situations on civil defence.

11-02-2018    Swiss startup creates a decentralized "Internet computer»

The developers of the company DFINITY started to create an open Protocol that allows to connect computers in a single user decentralized cloud platform, turning them into a kind of "Internet-computer". The developers report that they plan to compete with cloud services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Connected to the...

11-02-2018    The former developers of Blockstream to create a supercomputer on the blockchain

Blockstream is a company known for the development of cryptocurrency, blockchain projects and promotion of technology Saidjanov, new blockchains' based on the parent of the bitcoin chain. Recently Ben Gorlick and johnny dilly, two developers of the company, Blockstream left to do their own project decentralised Crowd cloud computer Machine....

11-02-2018    China has become the main violin in the oil market

China has overtaken the US in terms of oil imports and became the largest buyer of raw materials in the world.

08-02-2018    In the RAS, commented on the findings of American scientists about the threat of melting glaciers

Acting Director, Geological Institute of RAS Vasily Lavrushin RT commented on the conclusions of the American scientists that the melting of glaciers in the Northern hemisphere can release the accumulated 793 million pounds of mercury and thereby lead to disaster.

03-02-2018    Moscow urges "not to sleep" the time of the attack of ISIS against the Central Asia

The fighters came to Afghanistan in order to create "a bridgehead for further expansion in Central Asia", said the Russian President's special envoy Zamir Kabulov

03-02-2018    Japan launched the world's smallest booster

The Japanese space Agency JAXA carried out Saturday successful launch of the world's smallest solid-propellant rocket SS-520-5, broadcast live on the Agency's website.

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