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23-01-2018    Robot scientist discovered a new drug

Development and testing of new drugs – employment is extremely long and labor-intensive. But, like everything in the modern world, this area of pharmacology is sometimes to "instruct" robots, because they can calculate all possible outcomes and give the most appropriate formula. This approach is particularly important in the field...

23-01-2018    A private company Rocket Lab successfully launched a rocket Electron

Private space company Rocket Lab has conducted a successful test launch of their rocket Electron. The launch took place from launch pad, located in New Zealand. In orbit, the rocket delivered three commercial satellites.

22-01-2018    Economists: In the hands of 1% of the population is concentrated 82% of the world's wealth

According to the annual report of Oxfam, timed to the opening of the economic forum in Davos, in the hands of 1 percent of the population is concentrated 82% of the world's wealth.

22-01-2018    The world is threatened by increased mortality because of the antibiotics

The use of antibiotics in medicine and veterinary medicine has formed resistance diseases to antimicrobial medicines, said the head of the Moscow office of the Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO), Eugenia Serova in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". As a result, the world is threatened by a...

20-01-2018    Oil and gas company Eni has launched a supercomputer

Oil and gas company Eni has launched a supercomputer, which, together with the existing system that makes the manufacturer a world leader in the processing of information.

18-01-2018    China offers to destroy space junk with lasers

The question of dealing with space debris rises the world's leading space agencies. Different experts have proposed a lot ways cleaning the orbit of the Earth from unnecessary trash, but a team of scientists from China offers perhaps one of the most radical methods like special lasers to destroy space...

18-01-2018    Technology market smart cities will grow by 11% per year

ABI Research analysts believe that the market income of urban technologies of IOT in 2026 will amount to 62 billion dollars, while last year the figure was equal to 25 billion, This would correspond to an average annual growth rate of 11%.

18-01-2018    NASA experienced a galactic GPS

NASA has successfully tested a navigation system that uses x-ray signals of pulsars. About it it is reported on the website space Agency.

18-01-2018    The European Union will spend € 1 billion on developing its own supercomputers

Information and analytical publication Bloomberg referring to the statement by the European Commission reports that the European Union plans to spend € 1 billion to catch up with China, the US and Japan in the development of supercomputers. As indicated by the source, resulting Brekzita Britain could be left out...

14-01-2018    Microsoft will create a "map" of the human immune system

Redmondskaya the IT giant acquired the startup Adaptive Diotechnologies, with which it plans to make the most detailed map of the human immune system. It can help to read and record all the pathological changes in the body — this will allow doctors to accurately diagnose.

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