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18-01-2018    The European Union will spend € 1 billion on developing its own supercomputers

Information and analytical publication Bloomberg referring to the statement by the European Commission reports that the European Union plans to spend € 1 billion to catch up with China, the US and Japan in the development of supercomputers. As indicated by the source, resulting Brekzita Britain could be left out...

14-01-2018    Microsoft will create a "map" of the human immune system

Redmondskaya the IT giant acquired the startup Adaptive Diotechnologies, with which it plans to make the most detailed map of the human immune system. It can help to read and record all the pathological changes in the body — this will allow doctors to accurately diagnose.

14-01-2018    Boeing and SpaceX will begin delivering astronauts to the ISS in 2019

Aerospace companies Boeing and SpaceX will start bringing astronauts to the ISS next year. Only from 2019 to 2024 it is planned to make at least six manned missions to the International space station, informs NASA in your blog.

08-01-2018    Russia in Syria has deployed systems to protect against UAV

Russia in Syria has deployed systems to protect against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their destruction, said on Friday the head of the construction and development of a system of the UAV of the General staff of the Russian Armed Forces major-General Alexander Novikov, reports TASS.

05-01-2018    General Electric has printed and tested a turboprop engine

A division of General Electric Aviation conducted the full test of the turboprop engine printed on a 3D printer. Thanks to modern technology, time to develop a new engine has been reduced from ten to two years, and the number of parts to be reduced from 855 to 12, —...

05-01-2018    Russian Navy decided on the basic naval aircraft

Heavy fighter su-30CM will be the main aircraft of naval aviation of the Russian Navy. It will get part of the shore-based. This was stated by the chief of naval aviation major General Igor Kozhin.

02-01-2018    FT: Russia is looking for a way to "tame" cryptocurrency

Russia began developing its own cryptocurrency, which, according to some Russian officials, will allow Moscow to bypass foreign sanctions, reports the FT. According to the correspondent of the publication, in what specific ways will work such a currency is unclear.

02-01-2018    Three Brigadier generals were killed in Syria in three days

In Syria three of Brigadier General were killed in three days.

01-01-2018    Russia's reserve Fund ceased to exist

Russia's reserve Fund from January 1, joins the national welfare Fund (NWF). All additional oil and gas revenues, according to the new Budgetary code, will now be directed to the NWF.

31-12-2017    The oil Minister of Syria has stated its intention of Damascus to become a major transit country to Europe

Damascus is planning to become a bridge between consumers and energy suppliers in Asia and Europe. This was announced by the oil Minister of Syria, Ali Ghanim.

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