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14-03-2019    Deputy Prime Minister Akimov said about the backwardness of Russia for 100 years from the world's leading economies

In industry it is necessary to increase the digitalization of processes to overcome almost 100 years the gap in labour productivity compared to world leading economies, said Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov.

06-03-2019    The Kremlin said that the problem of "whale jail" has not been solved

In the Kremlin consider that the issue is around the so-called "whale jail" in Primorye, which contains Beluga whales and orcas, still not closed, the control management of the President of the Russian Federation a beret under special control the issue.

25-02-2019    Putin instructed to decide the fate of killer whales from the "whale jail" in Primorye

Instructions were given to relevant Federal agencies and scientific NGOs.

22-02-2019    The posted video of the landing, Iran's drone USA with the help of Russian electronic warfare systems

In a Network there was video on which the electronic warfare unit of the Iranian army intercepted and landed us drone in Iraq, then the US air force to destroy the fallen drone.

22-02-2019    The United States opposed "control" of Russia over Sevmorput

The US will not allow Russia and China to dominate in the Arctic and to control the Northern sea route. As reported by RIA "Novosti", said the commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa Admiral James Foggo.

15-02-2019    Russia plans to create a fleet of line container ships under the Russian flag

Russia plans to create a fleet of line container ships under the Russian flag. This is stated in the draft Strategy of development of service exports through 2025, available to the IAA "PortNews".

12-02-2019    In Iran, called the Russian MiG-29 "unusable"

Iran dissatisfied with Russian MiG-29, citing the unsuitability of their operation.

09-02-2019    The FATF will offer single rules of regulation of cryptocurrency

Countries that do not follow the General rules, can get into the black list of FATF.

24-01-2019    The Russian foreign Ministry: Events in Venezuela is in a dangerous state

Events in Venezuela is in a dangerous state. Extremist opponents of the legitimate government of Venezuela, having failed in attempts to shift N. Maduro, including his physical elimination, chose the most confrontational confrontation scenario. The swearing in of the opposition ", acting President of Venezuela" and immediate recognition of it...

21-01-2019    The revolutionary guards of Iran does not intend to withdraw its advisers from Syria

The head of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran said on Wednesday that the Iranian military will retain its military presence in Syria, ignoring Israeli threats. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will continue to attack Iranian facilities in Syria.

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