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24-01-2019    The Russian foreign Ministry: Events in Venezuela is in a dangerous state

Events in Venezuela is in a dangerous state. Extremist opponents of the legitimate government of Venezuela, having failed in attempts to shift N. Maduro, including his physical elimination, chose the most confrontational confrontation scenario. The swearing in of the opposition ", acting President of Venezuela" and immediate recognition of it...

21-01-2019    The revolutionary guards of Iran does not intend to withdraw its advisers from Syria

The head of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran said on Wednesday that the Iranian military will retain its military presence in Syria, ignoring Israeli threats. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will continue to attack Iranian facilities in Syria.

16-01-2019    Japan will create the "electronic offensive machine"

The Japanese government started developing an "electronic offensive machine", which is designed to neutralize enemy radar and communications systems, according to the newspaper "Yomiuri", citing its sources.

16-01-2019    Nibiru continued influence on the climate of the planet: ocean waves are becoming a huge

According to a new study, the energy of the ocean waves increases due to climate change under the influence of the invasion of the planet.

11-12-2018    The results of the competition for the award of a name of A. Snesarev in 2018

Once again the contest for the award of a name of A. Snesarev. In 2018, the winners of the contest were:

19-11-2018    The defense Ministry has chosen the high-speed helicopter

The defense Ministry decided on the project of high-speed helicopter. Of the two proposed options, the military was considered a more promising machine Mil with a single main rotor.

14-11-2018    The Israeli defence Minister resigned because of peace with Hamas

Resigned the head of the Israeli defense Ministry, Avigdor Lieberman. On the Minister's decision was influenced by a truce with the ruling in Gaza the Islamist movement Hamas, reports The Jerusalem Post.

28-10-2018    The Russians spoke about the probability of occurrence of terrorists in Siberia

Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev noted the growing level of terrorist activity and the high probability of penetration of international terrorists in the regions of Siberia. He stated this at a meeting in Novosibirsk, reports TASS.

28-10-2018    The American General admitted that in 15 years will start a war between the US and China

It is noted that the reason of a military conflict will be a clash of interests between Washington and Beijing in the Pacific region.

28-10-2018    Honda and MIT work together to create AI that is fully self-study

In the field of artificial intelligence and so-called deep machine learning there is already a lot of groundwork. However, all the currently available self-learning neural networks have one important point: they are not completely independent. That is, they need to initially set certain parameters by which they will work. At...

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