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21-10-2018    The Ministry of defence revealed the price of T-34 tanks during the great Patriotic war

The defense Ministry told about the price of T-34 tanks, bombers Il-4 and sub-pulemetchika during the great Patriotic war.

19-10-2018    Britain submitted its "response" to the Russian "Armata"

The UK has unveiled a prototype of the new tank "Black night", which should become the competitor of the Russian T-14 "Armata".

18-10-2018    Created a programming language for biochemical reactions

In pharmacology and biochemistry the main difficulty often lies in the fact that many reactions and their derivatives, though it is possible to predict, to build the structure required substances with desired properties from scratch is still quite difficult. To do this, it would be nice to develop a method...

18-10-2018    Blue phosphorus is a new two-dimensional material capable oust graphene

Invented at the dawn of the 21st century, graphene has already found its application in many fields of science and technology. And even gave the scientists who studied him the Nobel prize. However, two-dimensional structure like that of carbonaceous material have been predicted for other elements of the Periodic system...

07-10-2018    The Russian company presented a new attack drone

Russian group "Kronstadt", the leader of the drone industry in Russia, presented a version of the unmanned aerial vehicle medium-range "Orion-E".

07-10-2018    China has developed a prototype magnetic levitation trains with speeds up to 600 km/h

China has completed the basic development work on the creation of a prototype of magnetic levitation trains (Maglev) capable of speeds of 600 km/h. this was announced by the chief developer of this project, Liang Jianying from the locomotive-car-building company "Qingdao Sifang" division railway Corporation CRRC, reports TASS.

01-10-2018    The Ministry of defence buys "Elbrusy"

The Russian defense Ministry plans to buy Russian computers "Elbrus" for a total amount of 400 million rubles, follows from materials placed on the procurement website.

01-10-2018    Virtual Singapore launched the most ambitious digital project in the history of

Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, and in the future in this field his position, most likely, will be strengthened. In addition to testing the most recent developments like unmanned flying vehicles, have now launched the most ambitious 3D project ever "Virtual Singapore", which...

27-09-2018    Japanese scientists have approached the use of fusion energy

Already for a long time scientists are trying to create conditions for implementing a sustainable controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction. However, the production of such a reactor may cause many difficulties and even the most ambitious project to date in this area, the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) has been postponed...

27-09-2018    VARPE supported prepared with the participation of the Agency a bill to the State Duma

At the initiative of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on natural resources,land relations and property of Nikolai Nikolayev has prepared a draft law onamendments to the Federal law of 3 July 2016 № 349-FZ "On introducingamendments to the Federal law "On fisheries and conservation of aquatic biologicalresources" and...

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