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07-09-2018    The majority of Russians in favor of localization of production of Russian ships

The majority of Russians (88%) support the proposal to oblige Russian companies to order construction of vessels exclusively at Russian shipyards. This is evidenced by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion published Thursday.

06-09-2018    The Russian government approved the draft Agreement on the prevention of IUU fishing on the high seas in the Central Arctic ocean

The implementation of the Agreement, if signed, will contribute to the development of international cooperation in the field of fisheries in the Arctic region.

04-09-2018    Four Chinese vessels were on the Northern sea route this summer

Nuclear icebreakers "Vaygach" and "Taimyr" in the first months of summer-autumn navigation in 2018 provided the wiring in the waters of the Northern sea route four ships loaded with state companies of the people's Republic of China. About IA REGNUM reported in the press service of the FSUE "Atomflot".

25-08-2018    Germany for gas supplies from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

Berlin is interested to develop a "southern gas corridor", said the representative of the German government before Merkel's visit to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

25-08-2018    "Kalashnikov" will build two high-speed "Comet" hydrofoil in 2019

In 2019, the Kalashnikov concern will produce and hand over to the customer two more vessels on underwater wings "Comet". This was told by acting Director General of the company Vladimir Dmitriev.

25-08-2018    The world's first cruise liner on CNG launched

The world's first cruise ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), left the construction dock at the shipyard in Papenburg Germany on Tuesday.

19-08-2018    The WEF warns that AI could destabilize the financial system

Artificial intelligence will certainly change the financial world in the near future, automating investment and other services — but it can also make the imbalance in the systematic weaknesses and risks, according to the World economic forum (WEF).

19-08-2018    In Russia to create center for the study of intelligence of the citizens

The work on creation of the data center to conduct research and collect data on the psychological characteristics of today's children is in the Russian Academy of education. It is reported

16-08-2018    Foreign Policy learned about the transfer of the Beijing Moscow data communication system of the CIA

The Chinese not only managed to hack the CIA communications system and eliminate almost 30 of U.S. intelligence agents and their sources, but shared this information with Russia.

10-08-2018    Bank of China will increase investments in innovation

Bank of China, one of the four big state banks of China, announced that it will significantly increase investments in innovative research and development, reports The Paper.

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