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The relevance and problems of estimating the information pressure on Russia's population

Currently, the strengthening of Russia takes place against the background of new threats to national security, with complex interrelated. The Russian Federation's independent foreign and domestic policy causes a reaction from the United States and their allies, seeking to maintain its dominance in world Affairs. Implemented their policy of containment was to provide her political, economic, military and informational pressure.

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Yes – drugs, no – melidoniou: the sick American Champions?

World anti-doping Agency has accused Russian hackers in the data breach of the athletes taking banned substances. The organization noted that the hacking of classified information jeopardizes the restoration of confidence in Russia. Meanwhile, the restoration of power may require the Agency itself. RIA Novosti found out why American athletes are allowed to use doping.

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As the US listening to Europe and Russia: the details of top-secret NSA database

Secret spy base the NSA specializiruetsya on the interception of telephone conversations and other communications Europe, Russia and the Middle East, and also participated in the "lethal missions" from the territory in the UK.

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The defense Ministry will be able to drown out Iridium and OneWeb

Moscow research radio engineering Institute has developed a system of jamming for a low-orbit satellite communication systems.

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The defense Ministry will drown out GPS with the cell towers

The new jamming system will protect strategic locations from enemy cruise missiles.

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