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Conspiracy theory Russian-Venezuelan hackers: the enemy simulacrum

Unit of the European Union, analysing Russian propaganda, have not found a single case of interference in Catalan a subject, contrary to the assertions by the government and close to it the media.

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Outreach activities of the terrorist organization ISIL: the basic ways of counteraction

Studying various Islamic groups, their activities and methods of propaganda work, external and internal orientation, come to the conclusion that they affect human consciousness. Particular impact such work has on a believer. In this regard, it should be said that all known to us in the East, terrorist organizations have vivid religious orientation. And this despite the attempt of Western countries headed by USA to give them some "secular" sound [2]. However, these organizations did not hide its religious nature. This work is separately dedicated to the most influential, massive and rich world of the terrorist group – Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (hereafter ISIL). The organization skillfully and effectively apply the methods and techniques of propaganda, drawing into its ranks all new and new adherents.

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The virus scarier bombs. How hackers destroyed a nuclear plant in Iran

Russian hackers has become a brand of our time. Judging from the headlines around the world, crafty burglars almost omnipotent and able to at least pull out the light the ins and outs of the world anti-doping Agency, though, to sit in the White house Donald trump. While not hear hysteria about hackers from other countries. Meanwhile, just a few years ago hackers waged a successful sabotage at a nuclear facility.

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The state will take control of critical infrastructure Runet

Recently it became known that the critical infrastructure of the Russian Internet will be fully controlled by the state. In order to make this possible, the Ministry of communications has prepared amendments to the law "On communications". The amendments, if adopted, will help to maintain the health of sites in the national domain zones .EN. even in the case of the introduction of technological sanctions. This will allow for infrastructure to be externally accessible.

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The manual collapse of the banks: the publication in the media has provoked panic

In recent days, in business Newspapers and news agencies published articles about the problems of large banks. What happens in the financial system?

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