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The memory of the outstanding Russian scientist Sergei Pavlovich Rastorguev

Suddenly, absolutely unexpectedly died outstanding Russian scientist, one of founders of Russian scientific schools of information warfare, the author of many works on the theory and practice of information warfare, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Rastorguev Sergey Pavlovich.

14-07-2017 Grinyaev Sergey 5705 0

The information war against China to a new level

Russia has got used to bloggers and billionaire with a criminal past struggling with the authorities under the pretext of fighting corruption. For China such a novelty, but the Chinese version of the blogger, the billionaire and the revolutionary darling of the West in one is quickly gaining popularity among young people. Many see this as "the hand", but it is not so simple.

04-07-2017 admin 3525 0

WP: US lay the "cyberbaby" in Russian infrastructure

Barack Obama instructed to do so in response to hacker attacks on the electoral system of the United States.

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Current trends in the study of critical infrastructure in foreign countries

Modern wars and conflicts are rarely limited to just the combat of the armed forces (formations) of the warring parties. One of the main targets for destruction is considered civilian infrastructure, disabling or destruction of which would cause damage comparable with the strikes against the armed forces1. Part of the civil infrastructure represents the aggregate of physical or virtual systems and tools that are important for the state to such an extent that their failure or destruction can lead to devastating consequences in the sphere of defense, economy, health and security of the nation, is called critical.

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Organization of security of critical infrastructure in the United States

A series of terrorist acts that swept the world in the end of XX - beginning of XXI century, showed that humanity has entered a new stage when decisions are important political objectives in an armed confrontation can be used rather small groups or even individual "suicide bombers". Currently, as a goal, the defeat of which may cause huge damage to the state and its citizens, it is more correct to consider not only military but especially the civilian sector, the disabling or destruction of each of which, including due to the "cascading effect" that could cause damage comparable to the attacks by the armed forces.

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