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The velvet revolution in North Africa: how it's done in Egypt
Material posted: Publication date: 15-02-2011

Today we present one of the materials which had circulated in the crowd on the streets of Cairo. Brochure of 26 pages titled "How to achieve the goal" is a manual on how... to do the revolution in Egypt. Yes, Yes, this is the real manual! Designed not for politicians, but for the masses. Very concise, very clear, with illustrations. Getting acquainted with these materials, a question arises - is it really so "popular" this revolution?

The publishers strongly recommend that instructions to distribute it only via e-mail or passed from hand to hand in a paper, copying on the copier or on the printer. And I advise in any case not to use the Internet-networks "Twitter" and "Facebook" - because through them the security services can easily identify the distributor. Still unnamed, the authors urge: "do Not betray your people. In all possible ways don't let be get this manual into the hands of the person who serves in the police or army. Lord, be my witness! Long live Egypt!".

The goals of the revolution. According to the instructions, the Egyptians must take to the streets with the following requirements: withdrawal from the political arena, the regime of President Mubarak; the abolition of all anti-people laws, including the Constitution; freedom, justice; the creation of a new government without the military, from nominees of the people; natural resources and wealth of Egypt - under the control and management of people.

Tactics of the revolution. She painted very carefully - every step of the way. The first step is to get together with their friends and neighbors in small groups in yards and on quiet streets away from where ahead of time you can catch the eye of the police, or review cameras. Posters should be prepared with slogans are not aggressive, and positive, uplifting spirit and mood: "long live Egypt!", "Freedom to the people!".

In possession of every revolutionist is desirable to have: pain pills, drinking water and food (after all, to get them may not work for a few days), a bottle of coke to wash the face (it says the manual, the advice of our brothers, the revolutionaries in Tunisia - well neutralize tear gas).

Step two. Small streams are flocking to the big river. Prostivshis from the corners of the Central streets, the demonstrators should merge into a large column. It is recommended to speak after Friday prayers. And move on Salat - orderly (the necessity of this is emphasized particularly: "Keep your ranks, o Egyptian!"). We must move silently, without showing aggressive feelings. To go on holiday - with flowers in hand (do you Remember our revolutionaries walking in the forefront of Bakiyev went in 2005 with flowers and balloons... note. "D number...") (which once again emphasize the peaceful nature of the procession). In the crowd must be women who at a meeting with the military will begin to remind them that they too have mothers, wives, sisters and daughters - in short, to appeal to their senses.

The ultimate goal of the protesters - both in small towns and in the capital Cairo government building. They should be covered with a dense ring. But you first need to block the building of television and radio. Some of the rioters should enter and exit on the air to demonstrate: the country is out of control dictator. In this case, calls instruction, you must behave in a disciplined, carefully, not to cause harm to the building and equipment.

The regulations provide for everything. Including the conduct at a meeting with the police. It should be welcomed - friendly, with smiles. If the police attack the demonstrators, then it starts to act different tactics.

The manual teaches: "If the attack starts, don't scream, don bring in a mob panic, don't run, keep your number, close your head, God be with you, he will save you. You know the pain will go away instantly". The manual warns: "do Not let police to infiltrate their ranks, to break them." Against police vehicles it is recommended to use indelible ink - fill their Windows and video cameras mounted on emergency vehicles.

Manual expertly educates: revolutionaries need to withstand three waves of attack by the police - they are the most hard. After this, the activity of the police is on the decline. Manual calls do not break or burn public property: "It is ours". A special "immunity" is the property of the operators (manual teaches how to recognize them) - after breaking their equipment will be deprived of communication and of revolutionaries.

Outfit of the Egyptian revolutionary: sports jacket with hood, glasses, Arab scarf, sneakers, a pot lid used as a shield (instead of helmets, says the manual, you can use the pan itself is not very aesthetically pleasing, but reliable), spray dichlorvos (significant harm the police will not cause, but at the time to counteract it). And - by all means - flower.



Gathered in small groups in secluded places, the revolutionaries should the police suddenly merge into a large column.


"To keep the series on the prayer, not to show aggression..."



This photo, taken by satellite, and revolutionaries are instructed, what streets we have to move in order to siege the Central area of Cairo where the presidential Palace.



If the column was blocked by the police, the revolutionaries, you can get on the asphalt, forming an inscription in Arabic: "Down with Mubarak!". So we can read and helicopters, and even space satellites.


So against the police should use the cover from the pan and dichlorvos.


Revolutionaries are encouraged to photograph around such stories and making posters. The inscription reads: "Police and people together against injustice. Long live Egypt!". The sign "Victoria", which shows a girl, is very popular today in the Arab world. There he pioneered the use of Palestinians as a symbol of liberation.


Another poster recommended is a portrait of the President of Egypt with mourning border and the caption: "Mubarak is a coward and a traitor."


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