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The man who brought victory Trump: the secrets of the cunning campaigns
Material posted: Publication date: 16-11-2016
Of course, the victory on elections of the President of the United States was forged primarily by himself, Donald trump. But it would hardly be possible without the work of the person about whom you probably never heard of. Introduction to "computer whiz" brad Parscale. It was his team applied sophisticated new processing technology of American voters on the Internet, and eventually "made" and TV and other media, most of which was on the side of Clinton.

According to expense reports trump and Clinton on the presidential campaign, Hillary spent on to work with Internet resources of $3.1 million Donald only officially - almost five times the $14.2 million the Recipient of these funds is one firm, Giles-Parscale.

About how was organized the battle in the Internet, said the Agency Bloоmberg in interesting material "In the hopper trump", fragments of which we have translated. At the time of publication Bloomberg the outcome of the presidential election were not yet known.

Brad Parscale. Photo:

On October 19, when the final debate of the presidential candidates the United States held in Las Vegas, page Donald trump on Facebook and Twitter managed by brad Parscale, a marketer, a native of San Antonio, which because of the haircut "hedgehog" and a long beard looks like adept brutal martial arts.

The badge on the lapel, issued by the U.S. Secret service - evidence of its status. Screen in front of him with four hundred pre-prepared messages for Twitter trump. "Command center," he nods at his laptop.

Parscal sitting at a long table in a huge trailer parked behind where are the debates. The tense atmosphere and the ranks of the technicians, looks down on the giant monitors, reminiscent of NASA's space day launch.

On the wall a poster with Julian Assange and the phrase: "Dear Hillary, I need your secret letters from e-mail".

22:02: trump on the scene, he trashes Clinton for the use of foreign Finance. "Fell it!", – bellows Parscal. Right there on the page trump is flying tweet: "the Fund is lying, Hillary is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. Time #assicurato!"

22:04: trump accuses Clinton that when she was Secretary of state, the state Department has gone $6 billion in Parscale already has a tweet: "top aides are liars mess is a large conflict of interest in the state Department. WE HAVE #assimilate".

The debate is over, Pascal with an open laptop in hand, runs out of the trailer to congratulate trump, and send tweets on the go.

Later in his account he notes night "catch": "a HUGE donation to @realDonaldTrump for the day. More than 125 thousand people donated more than $9 million! Thank You, America!”


Almost all the polls show that trump will lose. But his team relies on direct Internet marketing, hoping to shock the world on election day.

After trump had secured the presidential nomination from the Republican party, Kushner (son of trump), along with Parscale – a newcomer in politics, who had previously done business websites for families trump – began an ambitious digital operation, which they dubbed "Project of the Alamo".

"We decided that we will promote the fundraising campaign through the Internet and print it to a whole new level," – said in the headquarters of the trump.

A team of Parscale monitors the progress of the debate. Photo:

Kushner has connected people from Silicon Valley, the unofficial fans of trump, expert in digital marketing. In fact, the difference between political and conventional marketing small. In summary database "Project Alamo" began to define the political strategy of the trump and the routes of his campaign trips.


In the Holy of holies campaign trump, computer center, operates more than a hundred people: the data scientists to the elderly volunteers from the call center.

Despite trump's assurances that he does not believe the polls, his team spends $100 thousand a week on polls and uses a complex model that simulates election day. The results show the same as other predictions - trump loses to Clinton.

But there's a difference: unlike the organizers of the classic sotsoprosa, "digital guru" trump get results very quickly. And figure on whom to focus their efforts. 13.5 million voters in 16 States fell into the category of the "undecided but persuadable".

The staff of the center of the tramp — and among them there are those who during the Brexit worked in London on the side of the eurosceptics - claim that they were able to isolate voters who just don't want to admit the support of trump and therefore refuse to participate in surveys.

The team also trump has built a special model "Battleground Optimizer Path to Victory" to constantly monitor the situation in the States for which data are saying about their critical importance for obtaining a victorious 270 electoral votes.

Is attack targeted to three groups of potential voters Hillary Clinton: the white liberal idealists, young women and African Americans. At first had to impact the scandal with electronic correspondence with Clinton, the second — a series of witnesses, who accused bill Clinton of sexual harassment, on the third — underline phrase Clinton in 1996, when she called for African American men "superherione".

One example: trump has made efforts to prevent Clinton from women and black voters living in the quarter of the little Gatti in Miami: they sent out targeted messages on doubtful operations Fund Clinton in Haiti.

Usually politicians during election campaigns spend millions to understand the interests of their potential voters, but trump in this case appealed to the voters of the opponent.

However, huge funds are spent on feeding the "universe" of ardent fans of Donald trump, most of which have been identified, thanks to Facebook. Closer to election day, trnovci expect to get 12-14 million e-mail addresses and other contact details (including credit card details) of people making small donations to the presidential campaign of Republican.


Forty-year-old brad Parscale pulls from the bottom and took the place surrounded by trump due to the fact that a strongly demonstrated willingness to serve the interests of his family.

Parscal was born in a small town near Topeka, Kansas high "rural Bumpkin," as he himself describes, was able to get a basketball scholarship to the University of Texas at San Antonio. Due to injuries, he finished a career and went into business.

"On the day of graduation, I missed the ceremony because I went to California, where the boom of the Internet companies was in full swing," says brad. It was in 1999.

Pascal became a sales Manager in the company involved in streaming video, self-taught software developer, then bought part of the shares of the company earns on digital video and 3D animation. But after the collapse of the dot-com company went bankrupt, he divorced, and by 2002 returned to San Antonio without money and work.

Trump and Pascal. Photo:

Brad roam in search of work, pestering: "In the first year I went to bookstores, clapped on the shoulder buyers and ask if they need assistance in the organization of buying books on the Internet".

One day, in 2010, Parscale the phone rang. It was Kathy Kay, the new head of the company "Trump International Realty".

She said "I don't want to try to make a website for trump?, recalls Pascal. - I asked for 10 thousand dollars for the first site. I think this cheapness shocked them. Then we talked to Ivanka trump. They signed a contract, and I personally made the site. I promised that I'll return all your money if the website they don't like it".

The website trumps the much. Then Pascal made websites for the "Trump Winery" and "Eric Trump Foundation". When trump created the Committee on a "fishing expedition" for possible presidency, he already knew who could make it the portal for small money: Pascal requested ... $1500.

By the time he began working with a local designer, and this cooperation has grown into the Agency of Giles-Parscale, earned millions.


"If you open a Burger place, we should explain to people that your burgers are good, and force them to come to the restaurant, says a source close to Trump. The same with the elections: you need to find out what people need, and then convince them your product is the best".

The Internet campaign trump was, among other things, seeks to track the voters who already liked him the burgers, and convince them to "buy more."

Brad Parscale began to experiment with the database of voters, which he bought from a non-party of the seller to know who speaks for trump. Most of the data received from the applications for tickets for campaign rallies. Then Pascal created a system that demanded that supporters who buy tickets, confirmation on mobile — so Parscale was and phone number.

Parscale allocated money to expand this base, and he decided to spend on Facebook. He has developed models that relate the names of voters with their profiles in social networks, isolate them friends with similar interests. Brad has invested in advertising for this audience, the $2 million he posted it via his laptop from home.

He also used analytical tool in Brand Lift, which evaluate the effectiveness of advertising strategies, and watched as one of the users responds to the rollers with a trump or in support of it (you can determine the gender, age, and other characteristics of the audience).

"I was always surprised that people from the policy refer to these technologies as something mystical, says Parscal. - And it is the ordinary tools that is used in the commercial sphere."


After trump became the official candidate for US presidents from Republican party, the Republican national Committee (RNC) flew to San Antonio to meet with Paskalem at his favorite Mexican restaurant and discuss the "fusion teams."

Chapter RNA Raines Primus (he is the head of the presidential administration of tramp - "MK") then boasted that since 2012, it has invested more than $100 million in the database of voters and electronic infrastructure of the party. Work with e-mail addresses of 6 million supporters of the Republicans in the United States was engaged in a Department of about a dozen people.

In order to access this information, trump spent with RNA private partnership negotiations. The conditions were tough. The Republican party was going to keep 80% of the funds collection through its database, giving only a 20% balance on the campaign of a candidate.

Donald trump at work. Photo:

Team trump, not engaged in active fundraising during the primaries, was not ready for this. "Put me in the position of the "Start to collect the money tomorrow," says Parscal.

When in June the team trump sent out on the basis of the first email with an offer to donate money, 60% of these reports were from users in the "Spam" folder. However, during the first two weeks managed to raise $ 40 million.

Then Parscal used and expanded his list of supporters trump. He bombarded them with messages on Facebook, bought a new mail database of potential sympathizers - for example, fans of the famous Republican newt Gringich.

Links from messages or led right to the page for donations, or through buttons with text "Be with trump", "trump Support" - on a page where user asked to leave contact details.

Parscal invited to San Antonio representatives from various companies for advice on the effectiveness of a particular advertisement and messages in social networks.

Of the 100,000 options "trunovskogo" content running in the Network, was selected as the most effective with their manufacturers Parscal and continued to work.

In the end, works division brad Parscale not only paid off, it has become the largest source of income for campaign trump.

At the time of writing about "the bunker trump" the authors Bloomberg did not believe in his victory, but notice that invested in the Internet technology, the money will not be wasted, trump will be able to use databases for business and politics.

Tram won. And brad Parscale overnight gained recognition as the coolest guru in the field of network political strategies.

Renat Abdullin


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