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The generals who play the game
Material posted: Publication date: 16-11-2013

At the University of tel Aviv were non military exercises, involving real military and politicians from several continents. Cyber attack on targets in the United States and in Israel have claimed thousands of lives and involved Russia in a Third world war on the side of Syria. While the Israeli side has shown itself not the best way, but does not disappoint the Americans.

It all started with the fact that anti-Israel cyber attack led to paralyzing the work of state institutions and hospitals. Computer systems fail, in Haifa and tel Aviv are explosions in the streets panic. In parallel, Hezbollah starts a rocket attack on the Jewish state from Lebanon. Same busy Hamas from the Gaza Strip, captor of some of the Israeli military. Israel is forced to wage war on two fronts, with the greatest concern is the Syrian direction where we already have Hezbollah helping the Assad regime, and al Qaeda fighting against Assad, and against Israel.

Soon the cyber attack extends to the East coast of the USA. Trading on wall street stopped, the governance is paralysed, closed major airports, including JFK airport in new York. After 700 people die in emergency landings of airplanes in Washington and Chicago, the government declares a state of emergency. The situation is exacerbated diplomatic crisis: Russia and China refuse to convene an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council before they are submitted "irrefutable evidence" of terrorist cyber attacks.
Hezbollah their participation in the Paralyzation of electronic systems categorically denies. Iran, in turn, blames Israel, which wants to stir up "anti-Shia regional war." Meanwhile, Russia still interfere in the conflict, in order to put under protection in Syria chemical weapons. To do this, in the area of Damascus deployed a battalion of the Russian armed forces, and a fleet with air defense missile systems s-300 on Board slides into the side of the Syrian ports, intending to protect the Republic from possible aggression from Israel.

In the end the world was on the verge of a Third world war centered on the middle East. But who won, we, unfortunately, won't know, because after five hours of virtual warfare action game was stopped. "If we hadn't stopped, the whole region would be engulfed in the fire," was relieved Haim AssA, a longtime consultant to the Ministry of defense of Israel who designed this game. In an interview with Defensenews, who published a detailed report from the event, ACCA has stressed that this emergency situation is based on realistic assumptions and in line with the present level of scientific and technical progress. Even if some of the achievements of Cybernetics is not available to people at the moment, they are already designed and will be available in the foreseeable future powers.

"Today people are ill-prepared for full-scale cyber aggression", – said the developer of the game. He also adds that one of the main ideas that the developers tried to convey to the players, is that the news cannot be trusted in any case, panic and simple logic decisions. Any information needed many times to double-check, because at stake thousands of lives. Disinformation is a powerful weapon in modern warfare.
For example, in the game there was a moment when Israeli officials deliberately misled the population is under attack by unconventional, perhaps chemical weapons, which directly refers to one of the most notorious episodes of the Syrian conflict. Also it is worth remembering the history of the Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov, who doubted the testimony of missile detection capability and thereby saved the world from nuclear war.

The former commander of the Israeli air force major-General Ethan Ben-Eliahu, which has been offered the role of Minister of defence of the Jewish state, recognized that the responses of the Israeli side in this cyber war games "have not always been good enough" on the part of the collection of irrefutable evidence, the Israeli team did not Shine clearly, spending too much time.

The American side, by contrast, were able to identify the sources of cyber attacks. While General Wesley Clark, before holding a post of the adviser of the head of the Pentagon on cybersecurity and head of a NATO contingent in Kosovo, acknowledged that he had a very hard time. In the game, he played the role of the President of the United States, which at the time was really trying to be, but lost the Democratic primary to John Kerry – the current head of the Department of state.

It is noteworthy that in the execution of presidential duties, Clark refused to authorize the invasion of American troops in Iran. Israeli "Prime Minister" in the execution of the former head of the MOSSAD Amy Ayalon to convince the "President" of the USA did not succeed, despite the fact that traces cyber attacks anyway really led to Iran (President of the Islamic Republic, by the way, played another former head of MOSSAD – Shabtai of Shavit).
Eventually it became clear that the main attackers and the authors of the original cyber attack, according to the authors, were Ayman al-Zawahiri-led al-Qaida. The purpose of the attack was to incite Israel and its allies in Hezbollah and Iran, while in the military chaos and "total Jihad" to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Virtual "Ayman al-Zawahiri," suggested that the main suspicion would fall on the hated Shiites, and no mistake.

However, the American side is also not wrong to find the evidence of guilt of the Islamic Republic. Indeed, the proliferation of cyber attacks on U.S. territory was already guilty of Iran, and this was done using stolen Israeli servers, so as to throw a shadow of suspicion on the Jewish state and to add further confusion. Journalists Defensenews noted that such a move really stumped retired military – current players.

In the destruction of the stock exchange and paralysis equipment controllers through Israeli servers had its own Jesuit logic. Iran to demonstrate that Israel will stop at nothing to drag the United States into the war on their side. As already mentioned, this was not possible: although General Clark has accepted the position of the Jewish state on the issue of "self-defense", to send reinforcements to allies, he refused. Thanks to American "players" of the exculpatory evidence Israel were also found.
For its part, the Israeli command has already approved the plan for the invasion of Lebanon, you have gone on about "al Qaeda", thus secured himself, but the game was stopped by the developer.

"Unlike the tactics adopted in the course of conventional warfare, in the case of cyber attacks the best defense is defense, commented "the head of the Pentagon" Erez Craner (former officer of the Israeli intelligence "Shabak" which is engaged including counterintelligence). – The proposed model emphasized the importance of cyber protection, which insures against deterioration transition of cyber warfare in a real war".

According to him, both political and military leadership of the main middle East players a lot of qualified specialists who know about the possibilities With-300, but can't tell one computer "worm" from the other. Thus, without a well-structured cyber defence have had Supreme military power remains very little space to maneuver. The reality today is that cyber defence must include all civilian infrastructure: hospitals, power stations, transport, in short, everything that can be the object of a cyber attack.

Who played the part of this virtual war of the President of Russia (and whether this character at all), unfortunately, not reported.

Stanislav Bursakov



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